Body Painting Model

The Moving Canvas.

So thank you for checking out my site.

Ill talk you through my site.  

Well I'm a body painting model, and I am a very lucky one too, to have worked with some of the artists that I have!  On my 'Gallery' page you will see the work I have modelled and who painted it, and on my 'Links' page you will find links to the artists own site.

On the 'Exhibitions' page you will see where I have previously modelled and my bookings for the time ahead.  If you see a free time in my schedule and would like to work with me either as an artist of a photographer please use the 'Contact' page.

 You will notice that as you go through my site that I go to as many functions as i can, festivals, conventions, jams and demos.  I do this as I love being painted.  I love the way that it builds up and then finishes and then its down to me to show that work off.  I love finding different poses to show different parts of the work off.  I now find it so easy to pose and show it off to as best as can be.

I am always looking for more work so if you would like to work with me please do get in touch using the 'Contact' page or follow the 'Link' page to my facebook.

I hope you enjoy looking and please feel free to leave comments.

 Stacey xx